Growth Deals, through the Local Growth Fund, provide funds to Local Enterprise Partnerships (partnerships between local authorities and businesses) for projects that benefit the local area and economy. 

Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership has successfully secured £78.23m Growth Deal funding, through three separate awards;


Growth DealOne

(July 2014)

Growth DealTwo

(Jan 2015)

Growth DealThree

(Nov 2016)





£11.3 million



Total Award

£78.23 million

Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership were awarded funding based on the expected benefits that the investments will achieve.  They are;

  • 5,726 Jobs
  • 7,000 Homes
  • Leverage £264m public and private sector investment

A list of contracted Growth Deal projects is provided below.

For further information please follow the link.  Please note that only contracted projects are shown.

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Growth Deal 1

A38 Cornwall Gateway: Growth Deal contribution: £5.535m

The scheme will provide improvements to Carkeel Junction that will deliver benefits to Cornwall's connectivity with the UK and accelerate new employment and housing development in Saltash. 

Current Status: Construction was completed in November 2017.

Newquay Growth Area: Growth Deal contribution: £2m

The scheme will support access to Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly's Enterprise Zone at Aerohub at Newquay Cornwall Airport, and housing and employment in the Newquay Growth Area through delivery of transport improvements along the Newquay Strategic Route. 

Current Status: Construction of a new roundabout and improved bus stop were completed in November 2016.

Falmouth Gateway: Growth Deal contribution: £769k

The scheme will deliver improvements including a new roundabout junction to unblock a key pinch point on the highway network that will accelerate housing and employment growth in support of Cornwall's strategic education and employment sites. 

Current Status: Construction was completed in April 2018.

Bodmin Cornwall's Cycling Town: Growth Deal contribution: £6.022m

The scheme will provide improvements to the extensive walking and cycling network in Bodmin to accelerate growth in the local economy and create a more sustainable travel pattern. 

Current Status: Construction was completed in November 2017.

Truro Western Corridor: Growth Deal contribution: £4.571m

The scheme will accelerate housing and job growth along a key corridor into Truro, through capacity improvements at Threemilestone roundabout and the delivery of critical walking and cycle links along the Western Corridor. 

Current Status: Construction was completed in March 2018.

Night Riviera Sleeper Service: Growth Deal contribution: £8.2m

The scheme will bring improvements to the Night Riviera Sleeper Service including increased capacity, upgraded sleeper berths, a lounge area and space for bicycles and surf boards. This is part of a package of projects supported by Government that will see the Train Care Centre for maintenance of the Sleeper Service relocated to Penzance. 

Current Status: New service in operation from August 2018.

Train Care: Growth Deal contribution: £6.344m

The scheme will deliver the relocation of heavy maintenance facilities from Old Oak Common to Penzance, including maintenance, re-fuelling and interior cleaning of rolling stock.  The relocation will result in new employment and training opportunities and job safeguarding in Cornwall, and provide a facility to maintain additional rolling stock required for half hourly mainline services.

Current Status:  The relocation completed in December 2017.

Mainline Signalling: Growth Deal contribution: £3.2m

The scheme provides local investment in rail infrastructure to allow half hourly mainline services. The alignment of signalling improvements with Network Rail equipment upgrade ensures that development costs can be shared, offering delivery and efficiency savings. 

Current Status: Construction work was completed in December 2018.

Bus Network Improvements: Growth Deal contribution: £8m

The scheme brings a package of improvements to the bus network, including new vehicles, bus stop improvements and integrated ticketing to facilitate the access to employment, skills and services required by a growing economy. 

Current Status: New buses are now in service and timetable improvements expected in 2019.

West Cornwall Transport Interchange: Growth Deal contribution: £5.166m

The scheme creates a new bus rail interchange including improvements to the A30 junction, Parkway Station and refurbished and improved passenger facilities. 

Current Status: Construction will be completed in Spring/Summer 2019.

Growth Deal 2

Cornwall Mainline: Growth for Business: Growth Deal contribution: £2.415m

The scheme will deliver sleeper lounges and changing facilities at Truro and Penzance stations and re-modeling of the First Class Lounge facilities to support the Night Riviera project, resurfacing of Truro station car parking and canopy at Penzance station, as well as installation of WiFi access on the trains and across 35 Cornish stations. 

Current Status: Main works completed and currently awaiting completion of Penzance Canopy.

Truro: Housing and Employment Link: Growth Deal contribution: £1.012m

The scheme provides seven new high quality single deck vehicles, linking the two Park and Ride sites across the City; and bringing additional capacity on the sustainable transport network supporting strategic housing and employment growth north of the western corridor.  It completes the supporting infrastructure on the Western Corridor achieved through Growth Deal 1 investment. 

Current Status:
Construction completed in June 2015.

Bodmin Callywith: Growth Deal contribution: £1m

The scheme delivers a new roundabout junction at termination of the A30 to allow access to the Callywith Gate development area.  Additional benefits are speed reduction on Launceston Road and upgraded walking/Cycling facilities linking residential and employment areas in North Bodmin. 

Current Status:
Construction completed in December 2017.

Redruth Strategic Employment Growth: Growth Deal contribution: £4.956m

The scheme provides improved permeability of A3047 between Tolgus Place and Blowinghouse roundabout, including improved walking and cycling facilities and a new gateway junction improvement into Redruth.  Benefits include unlocking of housing and employment land linking with the high quality masterplanned site on the old brewery, and linking with the Kresen Kernow archive and the Krowji arts centre.  

Current Status: Work is progressing to plan and construction expected to complete by 2020.

Superfast Broadband Extension: Growth Deal contribution: £1m

The scheme will build on the successful Superfast Cornwall Programme, which took Cornwall and Isles of Scilly from 95% to over 99% fibre broadband connected, cementing it as the best connected rural place in the UK.  Funding is aimed to upgrade more than 7,000 of the slowest 16,000 sub-15Mbps premises remaining in Cornwall at the end of 2017.  The target was reached in December 2017.

Current Status:  All targets met ahead of time with over 10,000 premises updated, evaluation is ongoing.

Growth Deal 3

Deep Space Communication: Growth Deal contribution: £8.4m

The scheme will see ESA working with Goonhilly Earth Station to upgrade one of its largest antennas to meet the high-end performance and technology requirements needed by ESA, NASA and private space exploration companies for deep-space communications including missions to the Moon and Mars. This will make a significant technical and economic contribution to European efforts in global space exploration and bring jobs and investments to Cornwall. 

Current Status: Project started in April 2018.

Hall for Cornwall QuayWorks: Growth Deal contribution: £2m

The scheme will deliver a Creative Tech Hub, co-located within the newly refurbished Hall for Cornwall within the Back Quay area of the building, featuring offices, meeting space and circulation space.  The new workspace will be used to support post graduates, new talent and start-up businesses to create a new cluster within the digital and creative economy. 

Current Status:
Construction commenced Autumn 2018.

Smart Islands Electric Vehicles GO-EV SMART:  Growth Deal contribution: £0.61m

The Project will consist of the installation of 25 electric vehicle (EV) bi-directional (Vehicle to Grid) chargers, 10 solar canopies across the Isles of Scilly and the initial deployment of 10 electric vehicles.  The bi-directional charges allow the transfer of energy into and from vehicles for the purposes of electric grid balancing.  The 10 electric vehicles will be available to local residents on a pooled basis and will include a number of different vehicles types.

Current Status:  Project started in September 2018

Smart Islands Business Energy Management Systems and Renewable Energy Solutions:  Growth Deal contribution: £0.39m

The Project will consist of the delivery of Smart Low Carbon Technologies for business through the installation of solutions such as more efficient heating and ventilation systems, better building insulation, efficient lighting solutions and renewable opportunities such as solar installations.  Participating businesses will purchase solutions and then apply for a Business Grant from the Recipient to reimburse up to 60% of the total capital cost to the business.

Current Status:  Project started in September 2018

Workspace Newquay: C-Space:  Growth Deal contribution: £2m

The C-Space project will fuse business and incubation space with a local produce café and bar, events venue, production studio and retail showcase by partially converting a seaside hotel with stunning views over Towan beach.

C-Space is a collaboration between Newquay-based Crowdfunder, the Cornwall Food Foundation, and the Real Ideas Organisation (RIO).

Current Status:  Premises purchased in November 2018 and design work has commenced.

One Public Transport System for Cornwall: Growth Deal contribution £1.5m

The project with join up showcase route improvements by adding another showcase route: 27 Truro – St Austell – Bodmin.  Infrastructure upgrades to 53 bus stops, 36 Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) displays, signal upgrades and Public Transport Information Totems will provide an improved transport link to areas of employment, education and the Royal Cornwall Hospital, connecting Penzance through to Plymouth.

Current Status:  Upgrades have largely been completed.

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