CIoS LEP Assurance Framework

The Cornwall and Isles of Scilly LEP currently follows an assurance framework which guides local decision making to support accountability, transparency and value for money.

LEP Chair and CEO Local Assurance Statement

2018 has been a year of delivery, change and improvement. We have built on firm foundations and taken a fresh look at governance, performance and strategy.

We have, through embedded Nolan principles, strengthened the Board and have strong private sector leadership (76%) which reflects the CIoS economy and our strategic priorities. These private sector priorities have been articulated through our refreshed ’10 Opportunities’ which will inform our Local Industrial Strategy and translated in to delivery through the contracting of five Growth Deal (GD) projects totalling £13.39m.

Building upon significant transport infrastructure investment, the recent GD awards reflect a more diverse, private sector, portfolio. ESIF delivery remains strong. We are one of the best performing LEP areas for ERDF and have ensured strategic alignment and locally appropriate delivery in partnership with the Intermediate Body. The CIoS Growth Hub has now supported 1,923 businesses and the £40m CIoS Investment Fund has made its first investments. We awarded £338,364 in rate relief to businesses within our Enterprise Zones. Delivery has been facilitated by robust governance which reflects the voice of the business community through clear, accountable and evidenced based decision making.

We work collaboratively with our accountable body, the Council of the Isles of Scilly and business communities, combining robust public sector procedures with private sector leadership and strategic vision to successfully manage GD Funding. This ability to convene partnerships, provide leadership and bring together the public and private sector is encapsulated in our international Spaceport partnership with Virgin Orbit, GES and CC and our pathfinder Work & Health Beacon project.

We have fully complied with the Ney Review and evidenced this through external auditors. The LEP has played an active role in local scrutiny arrangements and been proactive in communicating openly and transparently. Our website contains a comprehensive record of minutes, policies and decisions and the media reach of our GD investments exceeded 37.8 million, providing clear and consistent recognition of Government.

We have played a proactive and collaborative part in the ‘Great South West’ partnership of LEPs, using it as a framework to improve rural productivity and connectivity. We have also worked collaboratively with our LEP peers across England in the LEP Network and established private sector led approaches to our work with Offshore Wind, Space and the Creative sector.

We have submitted a robust Implementation Plan in response to the LEP review and will strengthen our governance arrangements by delivering it through 2019-20. Specifically:

  • Grow the diversity of our Board and set ambitious targets for gender equality which exceeds Government guidance.
  • Publish our annual delivery plan and end of year report.
  • Implement changes to the Local Assurance Framework.
  • Participate in peer reviews with LEPs across the country to drive improvement opportunities.

There is more work to be done but the CIoS LEP is demonstrating a strong culture of accountable governance and continuous improvement. This will put us in a strong position to continue to deliver for CIoS in 2019, prepare our LIS and realise the potential of our extraordinary business community.

Assurance Framework

The Cornwall and Isles of Scilly LEP currently follows an assurance framework which guides local decision making to support accountability, transparency and value for money.

Our framework follows national guidelines, practices and standards.

The National Assurance Framework can be found here. 

The framework document covers all funding programmes including the Local Growth Fund, and ensures we have robust value for money processes in place.

Download a copy of the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Assurance Framework. Any enquiries relating to the Framework should be directed to the LEP Executive Team.

Please see below a list of associated appendices for the LEP Assurance framework.


Appendix 1: LEP, CC and IOS MOU

Appendix 2: CIoS LEP Board Recruitment Policy

Appendix 3: CIoS LEP Remuneration Policy

Appendix 4: CIoS LEP Conflict of Interest Policy

Appendix 5: CIoS LEP Expenses and Hospitality Policy

Appendix 6: CIoS LEP Governance and Reporting 2019

Appendix 7: Terms of Reference CIoS LEP Nominations Committee

Appendix 8: Terms of Reference CIoS LEP Audit & Assurance Committee

Appendix 9: Terms of Reference CIoS LEP Enterprise Zones Board

Appendix 10: EZ Growth Fund - Investment Policy

Appendix 11: Terms of Reference CIoS LEP Investment & Oversight Panel

Appendix 12: Terms of Reference CIoS LEP Employment and Skills Board

Appendix 13: Terms of Reference CIoS LEP Space Industry Advisory Group

Appendix 14: Terms of Reference CIoS LEP Communications Advisory Group

Appendix 15: Project Lifecycle v2

Appendix 16: Expression of Interest Form February 2019

Appendix 17: Application Form 2018 template

Appendix 18: Business Case Guidance

Appendix 19: Growth Deal Generic Grant Funding Agreement

Appendix 20: GD Progress and Claim Form template

Appendix 21: Dashboard Template

Appendix 22: Award of Public Funds Non-Compliance

Appendix 23: Local Growth Fund Project Change Request

Appendix 24: CIoS LEP Growth Deal Output and Outcome Measures

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