Attract new talent, offer progression and develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce by hiring an Apprentice.

The aim of an Apprenticeship is to provide an employed job for anyone aged 16 and over who wants to be trained and developed in a specific role in a business (applies to all business sizes).  Apprentices gain relevant experience and work towards the completion of their Apprenticeship and the desired qualification. 

The levels of an Apprenticeship can range from Intermediate (Level 2, equivalent to GCSE) to Advanced, Higher & Degree Levels 3-7 (equivalent to up to foundation degree and above). The duration of an Apprenticeship must be at least 12 months and can last for up to 5 years depending on the level/progression of the Apprentice. 

To help a business through the journey of the apprenticeship, a training provider, will work with the business and apprentice to ensure they both the needs of the employer and apprentice are met.

Smaller employers may benefit from using an apprenticeship training agency, allowing them to ‘host’ an apprentice without the responsibility for employing them.  In Cornwall & Isles of Scilly, the Cornwall Apprenticeship Agency can help you to find and employ an Apprentice on your behalf; taking on the management of their payroll, helping reduce administration.

For more information on hiring an apprentice, please click here.

Apprenticeship Funding

In spring 2017, Government introduced some changes to Apprenticeship funding to help more businesses benefit from recruiting Apprentices.

Key Changes:

  • A new Apprenticeship levy introduced to encourage more businesses to offer apprenticeships. 
  • All employers in all sectors with an annual pay bill more than £3 million each year are required to pay the levy at a rate of 0.5% of their pay bill.
  • The Levy is automatically deducted through PAYE and topped up by 10% by Government.  Employers can manage their Levy in apprenticeship Service account (this video explains how employers can set up an account)
  • The Levy fund can be used by the employer to pay for Apprenticeship training and assessment for new Apprentices or existing staff development. 
  • Levy employers may now give 10% of the annual value of their levy account to other employers e.g. employers in their supply chain.  Follow this link and video for further information on transferring Levy funds. 
  • For employers who are not required to pay the levy, the Government will contribute 90% of the cost of training with employers paying the remaining 10%.
  • The Government has set funding bands for Apprenticeships and encourages employers and training providers to negotiate on price below the maximum. 
  • The Government provides a £1,000 incentive payment for employers taking on a 16-18 year old on an Apprenticeship as well as some 19-24 year olds. 

Download our brief guide to the Apprenticeship levy.



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For any additional information or support, please contact our Employment and Apprenticeship Officer Cathie Kessell 

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