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Help shape the development of the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Industrial Strategy, our compelling case to government for how our region’s specialisms and economic opportunities can contribute to the objectives of the National Industrial Strategy.

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What is the CIoS Local Industrial Strategy?

The Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Industrial Strategy will be an articulation of how elements of our overarching Strategic Economic Plan (Vision 2030) can contribute to the Government’s National Industrial Strategy and will be led and developed by CIoS LEP. All LEPs have been asked to develop a strategy which contributes to national priorities and demonstrates a robust supporting evidence base which arrives at a small group of priorities.

Our aim is to develop a strategy which makes a compelling case to government and private sector investors, built on evidence of our county’s distinctiveness and future opportunities for economic development, jobs and earnings.

Contributing to the Local Industrial Strategy, CIoS LEP has its 10 Opportunities document ‘Towards a Local Industrial Strategy’ which was developed in 2018 in wide consultation with the business community. It identified nine industry opportunities and drivers of economic change and growth as well as identifying sectors such as construction and manufacturing which underpin the development of a strong economy.

In 2017 the LEP published Vision 2030 which was a revised and updated Strategic Economic Plan. This focused on People and Place, Innovation and Creativity, Productivity-Led Growth, Inclusive Growth, Building Great Careers, Vibrant Communities and Global Presence.

These documents and the consultation data which led to their development form part of the evidence base underpinning the Local Industrial Strategy.

How will we deliver it?

The first step is to compile evidence and data which will be submitted for independent economic review. The review may identify gaps in the data which we will address. The review will also indicate likely areas of focus and give us the initial framework of a draft strategy. From there we will consult on the draft to get feedback and critique from businesses and organisations which will then help shape the evolving strategy into a final document ready to be submitted early in 2020.

There is a demand that the strategy helps to address the government’s four grand challenges:

  • Growing the artificial intelligence and data driven economy
  • A shift towards clean growth
  • A world leader in the future of mobility
  • Innovation in order to meet the needs of an ageing society

 The government also want Local Industrial Strategies to respond to their five foundations of productivity:

  • Ideas the world’s most innovative economy
  • People good jobs and greater earning power for all
  • Infrastructure a major upgrade to the UK’s infrastructure
  • Business environment the best place to start and grow a business
  • Places prosperous communities across the UK

How can you help shape the LIS?

The Local Industrial Strategy is led by the CIoS LEP in consultation with a wide range of businesses and organisations across the county, including businesses, councils, colleges, schools, universities, charities, sector representative groups and public services such as NHS, police and the fire service. Our aim is to get a deep understanding from a broad range of sources with insight, feedback and critique on the proposals.

  • Data and evidence: We want to hear from businesses of all shapes and sizes to understand what you are finding to be your barriers to growth. Do you struggle to recruit? Is it access to finance or workspace or the right skills? Do you have any sector research that we could add to our evidence base? We are also keen to hear from residents and communities about their experience of growth to ensure that our Local Industrial Strategy is informed by an inclusive and iterative process.
  • Questions, surveys, polls, outreach, events and engagement: Once we have a draft Local Industrial Strategy we will be consulting widely with the county on its content. We expect to have a sense of what the evidence is telling us from the end of May and will consult as the draft evolves from then.

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